Know how @true_stuff_about_you or similar pages know about you


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Hey folks how’s it going? It’s been a long long time since the lost post on our blog , sorry about that and now I’m here to possibly give a logical answer to the current Instagram sensational pages like @true_stuff_about_you , e.t.c 

Okay  you already know how much have you fallen for what these pages are doing and amazed of their skills , but have you given a thought about how are they doing it? Most of you directly come to conclusions that they are a group of grey hat hackers , but but but do you think people who are grey or white hats would be doing this task of hacking into people’s IDs and gathering informations??? And it’s not a 5 min task to hack any ID if you know any basic of hacking 

Well then what are they doing?     Here’s my theory , the most of the answers they are giving is about you , your best friends , about your parents , family , ex girlfriend ,girlfriend , whether you love dogs ,or do you have a tattoo, do you always wear a cap 😂 or do you smoke or not! Right???  Don’t you think all this is very much there already in your social networking profiles? On your Facebook walls , photos you post , people you tag in the posts you share , things you comment in your photos , in your profile intros  and your friends posts??? And are they saying 100 out 100 things right? Well no , they say  “I guess”  which clearly state that they are guessing.

Stop running wild behind this , take a little time look into your profiles , can’t you guess the things they guessed if you wasn’t yourself?? I say you can , anybody with a bit if common sense can . Try this out 

And the other kind of guesses which they are really sure of or unpredictable are very few and if that’s the case I say you , the admin is someone around you my friend , find him. 😂

Well though I give it to them for their great utilization of common sense and creativity to create this sensation  , bravo 

 Happy day geeks ! Happy day 😊✌️



Have you ever wondered how does mysuru looks when the city is sleeping???? Unlike Bangalore , mysuru sleeps pretty much fast and leaves all the busy streets empty and that adds up to the beauty of the city and makes it more serene 

Here’s a  peek into the lamplit MYSURU 

Stable opposite of kukralli lake 

A simple bad being.

Their eyes were always moist…
Which could never gloom
Their lips never knew the other curve because,
because he was the bad son.

Unspoken words which never left silence.
Eyes which never met.
Happiness which never echoed because..
Because he was the bad son!

Praises which were untrue.
Faces which he hardly knew.
Masks which lifted occasionally too,because..
Because he was never a good friend too.

Hearts which never turned red.
Letters which never turned blue.
Hands which were never held…Because,
Because he was never a good friend too.

Paths which he never met.
Strangers whom he never left…
Tears which never welled up because,because he was a bad stranger too!