Salman Khan in the soup for making a derogatory remark.

Being a girl, I think it was quite insensitive. Of course, “to err is human”, and it might have been an honest mistake, but it was a poor of choice of words.

Three days ago, Salman Khan felt a lot of backslash on social media when he made a comparison of his training session to a raped woman. His upcoming movie, Sultan is scheduled for release this Eid and comparing his wrestling training and shooting schedule to something as sensitive as this will definitely hinder his promotions.

But, for a star who is not new to controversies, this will just be one minor setback.

Bollywood maintaining a strong silence on this issue has raised quite a few eyebrows. A fraternity which voices many opinions involving a celebrity has turned a blind eye implying a tacit support to the star. Considering the media outrage on AIB’s Tanmay Bhat Snapchat Parody, silence on this remark is quite unusual.

Even though the National Commission for Women has seeked his apology, he has chosen to maintain a stoic silence on the issue.

Being the organiser of Being Human, he should have thought it through before letting his tongue slip. Even though rape analogies are common in Bollywood, the agony of a rape victim should never be made fun of.

It’s a clear and classical case of misogyny. I guess after the controversy involving the film Udta Punjab, Salman Khan thought his blase` remark on rape will be considered as an expression of Freedom of Speech


A layman making this remark would have probably got away with it but Khan, being a celebrity is not acceptable. Thousands of people follow him, and one comment like this  ends up making a negative impact on his fans especially children.

Our Indian Constitution gives us the benefit of freedom of speech. How much ever bizarre a statement is, you are allowed to comment on an issue because you are entitled to your opinion. But a statement hurting the sensitivity of a rape victim is not cool. At least if Salman Khan tenders a public apology, then he will be still looked upon because no one can throw away the fact that he is an excellent artist.


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