The day we met
there was no sign of rain
nor there was for shooting stars
i hid my face behind the sweet chocolate i bought and my eyes searched for her eyes

just the night
random faces,random smiles
carnival of chaos
pretty songs , backdrop
i poked her twice
she was dancing still wise
i hid my face behind the chocolate i bought
my eyes found her eyes

she smiled,i blushed
blush, the scar of love
her friends,my friends
lost in random faces
i stayed, she smiled a bit more
i could never blink
was scared to loose her in the crowd
no had the chocolate to hide
now her fingers wrapped around
the chocolate in sweet bliss

pretty songs continued
still no signs of shooting stars
i wished i wished to freeze the clocks
tried to look in her eyes,failed
never stopped staring,when she looked away
she asked to sing
i uttered somethin out of tune
trembling voices,rising heartbeats
chocolate melted in her warmth

i wouldn’t care more
for pretty random faces
rather than her’s
stupid were my eyes
now was the time to leave
bit wet eyes
told you’, stupid were my eyes

the day i met her
it didn’t rain
nor there were shooting stars
was just me and she
and a song sing


painting credits: our endless abnegation by Agnes cecile


Lionel Messi announces international retirement- The little genius shocks the soccer world!

<picture source credit – skysports.com>

An era of soccer ended as Argentine forward and team captain Lionel Messi missed his penalty shootout for the first time ever by sending it over New Jersey’s crossbar.

Messi lifted Argentina’s first penalty kick over the air, setting a stage for another loss in the final as Chile topped La Albiceleste 4-2 from the spot.

Messi had another chance to win after losing two previous copa America finals and a world cup final,but because he missed the shoot when Argentina needed him the most he was clearly devasted by his misfortune.

Though Messi is a 5 time Ballon d’Or winner and won many La liga titles he has never been able to bring home a major international championship playing for his home country.

All this lead to Lionel Messi’s shocking announcement that he will quit playing for AFA(Argentine Football Association) and declared his International retirement.

” For me, the national team is over,” he said after defeat by Chile in the Copa America final.

‘I’ve done all I can. It hurts not to be a champion. “It was the thing I wanted the most,but I couldn’t get it, so I think it’s over.”

‘It’s been four finals, I tried,’ added Messi, who made his debut for Argentina in 2005 and has played 113 times for his country.”
‘It’s very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try more and there will be no going back.”

These were the words from heartbroken little genius.

Reasons which made Messi to lose his will and forced him to quit.

1)Argentina hasn’t won a major international title in 23 years.

2)Losing three finals in a row was heartbreaking.

3)He missed the crucial penalty when he was needed the most.

4)Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona who won 1986 World cup for his country had said before the match that they shouldn’t bother coming back home if they didn’t win.

5)Argentine players frustration over AFA,which has suffered from issues like political power struggle,organisational issues and financial problem.

6)Media criticism that Messi will receive a godlike stature only when he wins a international title for his homeland

Though Maradona had made previous statements he urges Messi to come back to the team as Argentina needs him the most in 2018 world cup in Russia.Even Argentina’s President asked him to return.

Although Messi will continue to play club football for barcelona,his exit from international football led a disaster to his fans.They thought the worse that could happen was to lose the cup but Messi’s announcement was unbearable.
Hashtags like #StayMessi #DontgoLeo #ComeBackMessi have filled the internet with messages of love for the world’s best footballer(quoted by many).
As many football fans predict that his retirement his shortlived just like Zinedine Zedine and he might comeback.Messi’s present age(29) is a golden time for him as many footballers normally achieved the peak at this point,so it’s still not late whatever may be the reason we hope that our hero to come back and show his brilliance once again.

What are your remarks on this soccer shocker?


The royal wedding

So, you might have seen the exquisite traditional weddings in films or heard about them from various tales in Indian mythology.

It may be twenty one days or eleven days or seven days, but, that doesn’t really matter because,

you know what?!

Indian weddings are the best. As it goes by its name, India is a land of diversity with thousands of people, places and traditions. Each and every state follows its own custom and when a marriage happens between two states, well, there’s really nothing much to say. As you can duly await,

it’s going to be a blast!!

But what if it’s a sacred union  between the Royal city Mysuru and the city of palaces, Jaipur!

Can’t imagine right?!

The Royal City Mysuru experienced one such enchanted wedding.BeFunky Collage.jpg1

The exquisite chandelier, ornate mantaps, the sensuous bride, the sovereign groom, glass paintings, elaborate flower decoration,  elephants, and, jewel tones and what not?!

On Monday, 27thjune, the Wadiyar dynasty hosted a royal wedding as  the titular king of the Wadiyar family Yaduveer wadiyar tied the knot with Rajasthani royalty Trishika Kumari singh in the Ambavilas palace. Over 80 royal families and a thousand dignitaries from India and abroad attended the wedding. As many as 50 rituals were performed. The awesome costumes were designed by Jayanthi Ballal, a native fashion designer.

Yaduveer has a degree from the university of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is the adopted son of late ‘Srikantadatta Wadiyar’. There’s a captivating story behind the Mysuru wadiyars and their adoption.BeFunky Collage.jpg2

The Royal City is full of joy and green. This wedding in the rainy season is a bliss.

In this plastic generation, wherein people don’t really bother about culture, heritage and traditional practices, this royal marriage will definitely have something to say. As a proud Mysurean, it was full of excitement, exuberance, pleasure and honour to experience this magnificent wedding.

Let’s wish them a very happy married life.

Gud day!

pic credits : lifeandtrendz.com