Me, My Mom and Online Shopping!

Hey, folks! How’s it goin?

So, how many of you have ever had a bad experience with online shopping? Obviously many right!

But that becomes really worse when you are defending the technology against the so called conservative deeds. Yes! I miserably failed to defend online shopping in front of my mom because of the messed up Snapdeal service.

So, I saw this really cool looking watch for my mom on Snapdeal worth 1K (offer price). Even she liked it amidst her preoccupied negative thoughts about the whole internet or maybe I just succeeded in convincing her to like it. Whatever! the watch got delivered safe and secure after a week or so. Obviously, you would expect the watch to be delivered in a classy looking box so that you can feel it unboxing as they say ‘Unbox Zindagi’… But no, the watch got delivered in a shitty white plastic box which my mom uses to stock safety pins.

Okay! Maybe I can make peace with the box since it isn’t so important, but my God, the watch was even worse. It was the same feeling as for how Hrithik Roshan would have felt when he received that pink colour, Japanese school girl wali mobile in the film ZNMD from Farhan! Before My Mom said anything, I explained to her the possibility of returning a product and getting refunded.

So, I filed a return request and received a call from the courier guy exactly at the peak hour (11AM) and since there was no one at my place to pick up the product, I asked him to come the next day at a convenient time as everyone in my house is working! On the next day, exactly at the same time I received the call from the same guy saying the same content. I had to repeat him the same. Later, in the evening I received a message from Snapdeal asking me to file the return request once again as I was not available to pickup the product. Fair enough, I did!!

But on the same night at 2AM I received one more message from Snapdeal saying that my return request has been terminated and so is the refund! Now, this isn’t fair! Is that? I knew, I had to face the wrath of my mom in the morning, so, even though I knew it was a long shot, I called the Snapdeal customer care service only to realise that there isn’t even a toll free number for customer service in an E-commerce giant! I wasted my sleep and my 10 Rs mobile balance only to get a false hope from the executive that my case will be taken up to his higher executives. I knew he was giving me a false reassurance simply to pass through the situation.

I was shattered.I had failed miserably to impress my mom with my online shopping skills (Okay,I know that isn’t a skill 😋). I had to endure the same old lessons from my mom as to how everything on the internet is a threat and 1K isn’t a small amount (typical Indian middle class, right!)

Exactly after a month I got this really cool offer from an app called ‘Haptik’. This was a Rs 100 discount on a Kannada movie which my mom was excited to watch and had asked me to take her someday. Now that struck me. I refreshed all my plans to impress my mom with my internet skills and asked for her debit card. 

The previous one was ‘cash on delivery’. I was asking her debit card this time to book a movie ticket… Trust me, it was hard as hell to convince her and the time was running out as the offer was valid if only I made a payment within 5 minutes (yeah, offers like these exist!).

Finally, I told her that it will be on me if this offer turned out to be like the last one. But luckily, I received an email from Inox after successfully booking two tickets! I showed the ticket to her. She wasn’t convinced even then and she kept on telling me how that was a fake ticket and asked me why would someone give 100 Rs discount without any reason. But she decided to come anyway as the movie had created a lot of hype. But she didn’t believe in the offer until we reached Inox and got an entry without paying at the spot!!

Now, that was my moment!! I was feeling so proud as if I had achieved something. That look on my mom’s face, confusing, happy and excited at the same time made me forget the Snapdeal issue. I praised Haptik in my mind for helping me prove to my mom that every offer on the internet isn’t fake!! I know it’s a very small thing but somethings are just too heartwarming like this one which made me write this long!

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂. If you have a similar story, don’t forget to share in the comment section!

Gud day!

(This blog is not intended to offend or promote any APP or service)


8 thoughts on “Me, My Mom and Online Shopping!”

  1. Haha! One similar incident is I received a shitte fake sunglass from Paytm which I had ordered thinking it’s original Oakley and payed 5k and the return request went vain n here I am still regretting why did I chose online shopping😂

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