When Memories Never Fade..

It was an empty night with a dim light by my side. My eyes drenched in tears was focused on the wall, funny how my life was just as lonely as it was. I did try to move on with my life but those memories would never fade away…

2014 May 31st

Just as I was walking down the street sipping an iced coke, listening to Eminem my eyes eventually caught up with something beautiful; She was holding a couple of books wearing crimson red glasses which perfectly matched her charismatic face, as her hair swayed with the wind she tried to fix it but fumbled up with books. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and when she caught, I quickly turned my sight towards the bus that I had to catch. That day I didn’t catch the bus but I now regret that I should have…

June 16th

She was an intern student working with an IT company for a short term. She had promised me to meet in a nearby coffee house. Finally the long awaited day came and when I rushed,there she was in her white satin top with black polka dots on ’em paired up with black jeans and rose red toned coat which blended well.

“Hiiiii shir-le–y!! you look gorgeous” I couldn’t hold back myself from complimenting her loudly and after a pause I could see all the eyes on me. I settled down making it less awkward.

“Thankewww” she replied with a smile that was perfectly carved with little less teeth to show.

As time flew with a little more cups of coffee our bonds were forged stronger.

July 24th

I couldn’t wait any longer,that day we were lost together savouring every little moment. As our eyes met our world seemed very small. A cold night breeze,a part of the city glistening with artificial neon lights and a wonderful company. Coming to my senses I decided it was now or never. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.I took a deep breath and grabbed her hands,went on my knees looked into her eyes and said those words.

“I love you,’ I do not wanna lose you at any cost,’ You make me happier then I ever can be,”.

She stood there for a minute as I could count down and every second felt like hours. Grasping what just happened she hugged me as her body touched mine, I could feel her warmness spreading to every corner of my body.

“Say something,”.

“ye–s-ss-sh,” she said as tears rolled down on my shoulder.

“I always knew you would say this, I love you too”, “Make me yours forever and never let me go”.

Hearing those words I hugged her tight and whispered.

“I promise you that you’ll never be alone,  as long as I’m here, I’ll never let you go”.

We stood there slowly reducing the space between us and after some time. I slowly slipped away from her hug. I could see her red cheeks moistened up with tears,which rolled down gently onto her soft lips. I placed my lips on hers and the world faded. It was slow, she guided my hands towards her neck. Her lips were soft and warm, I moved my hands onto her waist and rested them while she pulled me closer. I could feel her heart beat rising and our breaths mingled. After a long passionate kiss we were out of breath and needed space. When we looked each other she giggled and I had a broad smile.

That day was etched in my heart forever.

Those memories never faded away, just like a taperecorder which knows a single song. They haunt me every night.

Should I be happy to relive those moments again?  Or should I mourn that I lost them in reality?

(present again..)

You might be wondering what just went wrong with my tantalizing life. It’s just that sometimes reality hits you harder than your worst nightmare. My heart is still burdened with the long lost soul which parted away and my mind still doesn’t accept. No it ain’t another Titanic story where the hero sacrifices himself,atleast he had choices to make. Don’t ask me why she departed and left my soul worthless, but I can tell you how.

She died in my arms as her eyes rolled backwards while I had to comfort her with my lies until she drew her last breath.

Well everyone expects a happy ending and happily lived ever after’s but

“Stories don’t always have happy endings”.

“Life’s not a bed of roses,never has been,never will be!”.

“Life’s beyond that”.


9 thoughts on “When Memories Never Fade..”

  1. I say pain is in everything.
    It’s something which changes you, bends you and teaches you how to live.
    Pain is the defense mechanism which makes you feel you need to move on and stop worrying 🙂

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