South Indian Cinema : An Overview.

So, all the Thalaivars are kicked up at the release of the film Kabali. Flying thoughts of 200 crores before the release, MNC’s declaring holidays, Aeroplanes promoting the banner just creates Goosebumps!!
Wait! When was the last time something similar to this happened?? Must be at the release of the film Bahubali. (Another south movie!!)
South Indian cinema industry includes Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Tulu. Often regarded as the minnows compared to Bollywood, often getting trolled for the kind of action sequences they produce, often regarded as cliché for producing over the top daily soaps and what not!
“Stubborn desire overrides logic”, people never stopped worshipping their idols! As a result of which south Indian movies have started ruling the world. Be it at box office collection or the quality of the film or the versatility in the genre, it has stood up over the expectations in everything.
As a matter of fact, Tamil and Telugu movies are creating more hype than the most expected Bollywood movies. Whereas Kannada and Malayalam industries are showing new paths in creative and art films, which are being premiered in international film festivals. Needless to mention, Malayalam films are just reaching out youths in every corner. Even the people who don’t get a single word can name some Malayalam movies like Premam and Bangalore days
Cut it,
Back to classics. It was the time when madras was the film capital of south India. Artists had to reach madras for the magnificent film sets, sound recording, editing, training and everything! At this laborious phase emerged amazing artists like Dr.Rajkumar, NTR, MGR etcetera.
Those days are still regarded as the golden days of south Indian cinema. Standards set at that phase is really hard to reach these days. Those movies were just a metaphor for the word classic.
But as the time flew, south Indian movies became the reason for critics to pitch up. You can still find hundreds of YouTubers trolling rather roasting the stupidity in south Indian movies. Yes! There are some movies which defined new bottom limits. Most of the movies were based on a rich village family or heroine’s father turning out to be a rich gangster, On the other hand, few amazing people kept on producing quite a few amazing movies, which succeeded in helping south Indian enthusiasts to defend their linguistic movies.
As they say, there is an end for everything! This phase 2014 –16 has experienced the whole set of a new trend. It was the time for transition and youth grabbed that opportunity with their full arms and proved their mettle which forced some senior directors to follow the new trend. Hell! This is trend setting!!
Kannada film industry got some new talents in the form of Rakshit Shetty, Pawan Kumar, Raam reddy, Prashanth Neel who managed to wash off the tag ‘remake’ in Kannada films. Rakshit Shetty’s Ulidavaru kandanthe (as seen by the rest) deserves all sort of appreciation. I’m sure if Christopher Nolan sees this movie with subtitles, he would definitely cast Rakshith for his next script making!! (I’m serious by the way). Lucia, a movie by Pavan is the Indian version of the film Inception! Rangitharanga, a horror movie is worth watching!
Movies to watch out for:
• Godhi banna sadharna Mykattu (A classic from Ananthnag)
• Thithi ( you’ll smile even if you don’t laugh)
• Kendasampige (keeps you on the edge of your seat)
• U-turn ( another thriller of a reporter)
• Ugramm (As far as I remember, I always wanted to be a gangster)

Thithi was premiered at the 68th Locarno International film festival.kannada

I’m from Mysuru and people here are not so obsessed with movies. You can’t find so called diehard fans. But one can definitely find multi-lingual fans like me.

As I already mentioned Premam and Bangalore days has reached out every college student in Karnataka. Nivin Pauly, Dulquer Salman, Nithya Menen, Nazriya Nazim have taken acting standards further high and are turning out to be new heart-throbbers.

Movies to watch out for:
• Premam ( ideal love story narration)
• Bangalore days ( cousins, bikes, emotions)
• 1983 ( obviously, world cup)
• Ustad hotel ( unique story of a chef)
• Charlie ( story of a mysterious artist)malayalam

Talking about Tamil movies forces me to compliment Dhanush for his brilliance. Tamil is full of class and mass. Vikram, Surya, Ajith are just amazing actors. This is considered as the safest place for movies because people worship actors here! (literally)

Movies to watch out for:
• Ok kanmani (cutest love story of a gamer)
• VIP (every unemployed engineer’s story)
• Maari ( a local rowdy rejects a princess)
• 24 ( time travel !!!)
• I (Bodybuilder turns model turns to crap) tamil

And finally running out of adjectives to praise S.S Rajamouli. When Bollywood movies were ruling the country one movie just changed the scenario! Not Bahubali, it’s Magadheera…
This is the industry where producers don’t fear to pour their money. Ram Charan, according to me is south’s Hrithik Roshan. Those voice modulations, body language or dancing just reminds me of Hrithik.

Movies to watch out for :
• Magadheera ( warrior – rebirth – princess – horses – bikes, trust me a lot more! )
• Bahubali ( name says it all)
• Srimanthudu ( story of a self-made millionaire)
• Yevadu ( perfect action commercial)
• Life is beautiful ( story of teenage neighbours ) telugu

Now it’s your time to decide “which industry is more Versatile”?
From those cliché family – rich – village – daily soap type movies to                                 Gangster – Gamer – Warrior – time traveller.                                                                                     This is quite a transition!!
Comment down your favourite south Indian cinema…
Gud day!


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  1. Nice overview about south Indian movies. looks like south Indian movies are proving bollywood wrong where it’s only Hollywood influenced movies are being lined up. Nothing innovative is being offered to viewers. great write up

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