SARIYAGI…mungaru male2 easy guitar chords

hey guys! here is the chord lesson for another song from MM2 Sariyagi nenapide nanage sung by the fabulous Armaan malik and composed by Arjun Janya, as requested our readers, play along and enjoy:)

originally the song is in Fminor i have transposed half a step down so that it’ll be easy for you guys to follow

Em                            c
Sariyagi nenapide nanage
G                              D
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Anyone who wants to know me

/spoiler alert: please keep out if you don’t want to know me/

<conversation starts> 
She: then?
Me: then….? then I’ll have food when I’m hungry , I started watching Olympics when I get bored , I sleep then in the middle of the night I get up . . . search for pills in darkness, I won’t find ‘me. I sit , I stare then I try to sleep
Then, I get up in morning just to make sure my mom thinks that I go to college. I do go to college, bunk most of the classes and sit around some corner bit like hiding…headphones on and a bakwas novel in my hand half opened, some sad songs and some pretty
I read until I’m hungry or bored
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Chords for “Gamanisu(sonu nigam)” song from Mungaru Male 2

Hello guys so here is the chords for the song “Gamanisu” from most awaited movie in sandalwood Mungaru Male 2 sung by Sonu Nigam and composed by Arjun Janya
the chord progression is amazingly variant i really liked the composition
PLay along and enjoy 🙂

E C#m
Every Morning i Remember You
B A C#m
Every Noon And Night I Be There For You
G# A G#m
My Heart Says That I Love You
And My Soul And Heart Always For You

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