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Fantastic Falls and Where to Find Them

When the whole of mysore  was preparing to host another year of dasara.. We people were busy finalizing the locations we wanted to visit…… Mysore was buzzing with people and we were eager to start our journey and go far away from the crowd…… we knew it was the perfect time to explore the beauty of Western ghats……. It was the day of ayudh pooja… We were scheduled to leave at 12pm but finally left at 2pm….. We had to reach village near sakleshpura at 3 pm.. Obviously that was never going to happen…….. The car was driven as fast as possible….. We finally reached the village around 4 or 4.30……. The Jeep we booked was waiting for us….. As we pulled out our cameras people came to us asking which movie we were filming for………. The 4×4 started its engine….. The air was chilly enough to make us shiver…….. You could barely see any civilization….. The horizon was blocked by the spectacular western ghats……… The Jeep took us to a private falls which doesn’t even have a name… But who cares… It was mesmerizing I hope thats all that matters…… We actually had to walk down 500mts to reach the falls…. We had to literally crawl under thick vegetation to get closer to the falls…… Our clothes were soaked in mud but who gives a shit….. We stood there for 30 min clicking pics…….and another 10 min just for soaking it all in…….. ……….



A Ride To Mallalli Falls

The wind through your hair, the rustle of trees and the endless roads are the things which can only be experienced.
The sleepless nights before the journey, servicing your vehicle, charging your camera, finding country roads hoping you would get lost in the wilderness.
Me and my pal started the journey at around 5 am in the morning and what stood ahead of us was 150 km of sheer excitement.
Most of them ride on a bullet for a road trip , but all we had was Suzuki Access 125 … Oh yeah it’s a moped, it’s been with us in all the three road trips comprised 1500 km.
We started riding through narrow yet beautiful roads.My friend on the other hand was busy clicking pictures.Finally there I was , lost completely in the beauty that my state(Karnataka) offered me.
We rode for 4 to 5 hours to reach our destination ,the spectacular Mallalli falls in Somwarpet.After reaching there, we found out we had to walk for 6 km and trek another kilometer.It was just numbers for me as I was eagerly waiting to see what I came to see.
We brought some salt in the local shop as it’s a leech repellant.The localities warned us to be careful as last night two boys from bengaluru were swept away for half a mile down the falls.
As we started walking through the lands painted green , we heard streams gushing, birds chirping and that’s when my friend started to worry that we have not yet seen a single person and the road just never seemed to end. Continue reading A Ride To Mallalli Falls