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Know how @true_stuff_about_you or similar pages know about you


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Hey folks how’s it going? It’s been a long long time since the lost post on our blog , sorry about that and now I’m here to possibly give a logical answer to the current Instagram sensational pages like @true_stuff_about_you , e.t.c 

Okay  you already know how much have you fallen for what these pages are doing and amazed of their skills , but have you given a thought about how are they doing it? Most of you directly come to conclusions that they are a group of grey hat hackers , but but but do you think people who are grey or white hats would be doing this task of hacking into people’s IDs and gathering informations??? And it’s not a 5 min task to hack any ID if you know any basic of hacking 

Well then what are they doing?     Here’s my theory , the most of the answers they are giving is about you , your best friends , about your parents , family , ex girlfriend ,girlfriend , whether you love dogs ,or do you have a tattoo, do you always wear a cap 😂 or do you smoke or not! Right???  Don’t you think all this is very much there already in your social networking profiles? On your Facebook walls , photos you post , people you tag in the posts you share , things you comment in your photos , in your profile intros  and your friends posts??? And are they saying 100 out 100 things right? Well no , they say  “I guess”  which clearly state that they are guessing.

Stop running wild behind this , take a little time look into your profiles , can’t you guess the things they guessed if you wasn’t yourself?? I say you can , anybody with a bit if common sense can . Try this out 

And the other kind of guesses which they are really sure of or unpredictable are very few and if that’s the case I say you , the admin is someone around you my friend , find him. 😂

Well though I give it to them for their great utilization of common sense and creativity to create this sensation  , bravo 

 Happy day geeks ! Happy day 😊✌️



Have you ever wondered how does mysuru looks when the city is sleeping???? Unlike Bangalore , mysuru sleeps pretty much fast and leaves all the busy streets empty and that adds up to the beauty of the city and makes it more serene 

Here’s a  peek into the lamplit MYSURU 

Stable opposite of kukralli lake 

A screwed up movie plan and My weird internship 

Ice Age 5,  the last installation of the series was supposed to be released that Friday and I was in my hometown away from Mysore(well that’s where I stay and go to college that I don’t enjoy much, google the place if you haven’t heard of it , it’s pretty beautiful) chilling and wasting my semester holidays doing nothing until that hot afternoon on Thursday.

SHE had asked whether I wanted to watch Ice Age with her . And there wasn’t any reason that stopped me from saying “yes yes” twice in bloody excitement and 5 minutes into the conversation I was wondering what would I say to my parents about going back to Mysore , SHE stayed there too ( this might be sounding a bit weird to Mysoreans and fellow “place mates” but guys believe me there are people from different places who read the blog 😛 ) I had promised my mom that I wouldn’t come back until my holidays were over , oh well she(Mumma) too stayed with me in Mysore as she worked there and she was still there as she didn’t have holidays , so I made this dumb plan of saying her that my HOD had called and said I had this internship in some company that would be really very important building my portfolio and hence I had to attend it and so I did . The plan had worked pretty well until I boarded the bus back to Mysore , I was speaking to HER and the conversation was a bit shaky and had tiny outbursts , she’s pretty moody I tell you and the conversation ended as soon as she cut it off in the middle and  I saying her to take care .  At that moment I realised the movie plan was screwed ! I wasn’t any happy and there wasn’t any looking back from my made up internship of 2 weeks ( I don’t really have to say you this in all my posts but well let’s say it I’m really really dumb I could have said a week instead of two) but……

Day 1 of my internship was wasted in finding a place where I could spend the rest of my two weeks in reading(non academic obviously), eating ,shouting songs as my old weary headphones stuffed songs into my mildly deaf ears …yes I had decided to do the same alone for a little redemption may be. At the end of the day, I had climbed two little hillocks and found nothing close to a right place.

Day 2 :  20th minute into my search of this “good place” I found it . A wide green field with just one thorn tree to feed me with its shadow if it got too sunny , so I parked my vehicle under the tree and started my internship with Passenger’s “let her go”.

At the end of two weeks , every second under the thorn tree with myself had changed me cell by cell , making me more mature and thoughtful than I ever was before , I had written 15 more poems that I had to submit to my publishers by the end of that month and two chapters of my unfinished novel( I’ve stopped writing it) which had some world war 2 plot . I even had composed two new songs ,oh yes I forgot to mention I do compose and my guitar too helped me rejuvenating .

Same 34 songs of Passenger and James Bay on  loop, one screwed up movie plan , two detective novels of Ian Rankin , 28 milky bars , 4 kilo oranges And zillion thoughts had changed me into a person who knew more of his potentials and of himself than he knew two weeks before .

My internship taught me lessons that none of the real internships would even try to teach …”knowing yourself” that is what you need to do to come out of any situation that you are struggling with.

Give yourself some time , some time to spend with yourself and look into your beautiful soul and beautiful heart you are blessed with ! I assure you it’ll change you into who you think you are 🙂

I always have thanked HER and here again , thank you so much for everything you have taught 🙂 for a zillion+1th time

And yes I’ve decided that I’ll never watch ice age 5 if not with her …