TVF Tripling : Do you love your siblings?

So, Do you love your siblings? Do you fight with them for a random chocolate? Do you share your creepy secrets with them? Do you ever wish to hangout with them? How about a Road trip with your siblings after a very long time??

Feels awesome right??

Then it’s your turn now to check out the new youtube series “Tripling” by “The Viral Fever guys”!!


Tripling has 3 siblings… Chandan, Chitvan and Chanchal.

Chandan has returned  from America after getting divorced from his white wife. Chitvan is a not so happening DJ, who’s  broke financially in Mumbai! Chanchal is married to a rich Rajasthani, who’s apparently lost all his coolness after his marriage.

As Chandan meets Chitvan in his club, the story

brokes out! It will take you to the journey of their lives. since Chitvan can’t go to his home because of his over the head debts, they decide to go to Jodhpur to meet their sister in the sponsored car TaTa Tiago, where the get to know that her sister has faked Pregnancy!  tripling6

Things get serious and funny at the same time as the three sibings take a totally unplanned Road-trip after a really long time!!

If you want to enjoy this “Bhai-Behen aur Road-trip”, just click on the link below and watch the full episode!

Episode 1 :

Episode 2 and 3 are out in the official “TVF Play” App, Download the App from the link below to watch all their awesome stuffs including “Permanent room mates”, “Chai-sutta chronicles”, “Barely speaking with Arnub” and a lot more.

TVF-play App :

Android :


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Hope you can relate your wanna be Road trip with theirs!

Gud day!




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