Know how @true_stuff_about_you or similar pages know about you


                                            Apoorva Jnaan follow on Instagram :@apoorva_jnaan   

Hey folks how’s it going? It’s been a long long time since the lost post on our blog , sorry about that and now I’m here to possibly give a logical answer to the current Instagram sensational pages like @true_stuff_about_you , e.t.c 

Okay  you already know how much have you fallen for what these pages are doing and amazed of their skills , but have you given a thought about how are they doing it? Most of you directly come to conclusions that they are a group of grey hat hackers , but but but do you think people who are grey or white hats would be doing this task of hacking into people’s IDs and gathering informations??? And it’s not a 5 min task to hack any ID if you know any basic of hacking 

Well then what are they doing?     Here’s my theory , the most of the answers they are giving is about you , your best friends , about your parents , family , ex girlfriend ,girlfriend , whether you love dogs ,or do you have a tattoo, do you always wear a cap 😂 or do you smoke or not! Right???  Don’t you think all this is very much there already in your social networking profiles? On your Facebook walls , photos you post , people you tag in the posts you share , things you comment in your photos , in your profile intros  and your friends posts??? And are they saying 100 out 100 things right? Well no , they say  “I guess”  which clearly state that they are guessing.

Stop running wild behind this , take a little time look into your profiles , can’t you guess the things they guessed if you wasn’t yourself?? I say you can , anybody with a bit if common sense can . Try this out 

And the other kind of guesses which they are really sure of or unpredictable are very few and if that’s the case I say you , the admin is someone around you my friend , find him. 😂

Well though I give it to them for their great utilization of common sense and creativity to create this sensation  , bravo 

 Happy day geeks ! Happy day 😊✌️


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