Have you ever wondered how does mysuru looks when the city is sleeping???? Unlike Bangalore , mysuru sleeps pretty much fast and leaves all the busy streets empty and that adds up to the beauty of the city and makes it more serene 

Here’s a  peek into the lamplit MYSURU 

Stable opposite of kukralli lake 

Devraja market and clocktower 


Devaraj urs road : the busiest road of the city 

KR circle :apparently the mirror was in the traffic controller booth , next time you are at kR circle never miss to notice the mirror 😀

Sayyaji rao road 

Chamaraja circle : 

you can explore whole lot of a different dimension of the city if you are curious enough like we did 

And these amazing pictures were shot on a basic SLR and not much  advanced gears 

Share how your city looks in the midnight 🙂 comment what you felt 🙂 

Picture credits :

 VARUN RAM (@varun.ram : instagram) 

APOORVA JNAAN (@apoorva_jnaan:instagram) 


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