“Meeku” and Me 

Meeku(the one with his arm on the other) and his brothers!! :):)

“They are going to be here for the rest of their lives”, my dad said looking at the three puppies that were playing on the heap of sand just right next to our new house.

In last 17 years I had never thought this day would come, where I have to hear anyone saying that I need to start living with dogs …. Those words hit me hard like a rude tide …

I just knew I had to go through 15 hard days of 15 injections(back in 1999) to get rid of the so happening infection from the dog bite, when I was 2 years old and since then there wasn’t a single time I loved the company of any dog , nor I was less than scared , with full knowledge of my opinion on dogs I never thought my dad would say that, and that forced me to get into silent mode and think what made my dad think those puppies were important or any cuter than me                       I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day , it didn’t seem to change his mind

Now , with dad out for some work I was just sitting out in the evening sun watching at the same heap of sand which I kind of hated in the morning. Those puppies were still playing there , Actually they seemed a bit cute, I dunno if I was in my right sense I just went and touched on of them and smiled into its eyes( you know what I mean) , and the next moment I realized what I was doing and just turned to go back home . . it didn’t take much time for me to realize tha one of the puppies was following me . I stopped and turned back and literally said him to go back ( I know I’m dumb) and for the puppy was not as dumb as I was it did take a few steps back until I turned my back to it , and this time it was next to me as if I told it to walk beside me and I was clueless what to do , I just took it in my hands the usual way I had seen people doing it and took it back to where it was playing , left it there , yelled at it to not come back and ran back this time right into my room without looking.

It was a strange feeling , that wasn’t just a normal thing for me who never touched or spoke to a dog before “Meeku” was a bit special , yes I did name him after the incident . I thought about what happened a little and smiled and time paused again when I heard some puppy-ish noises out from my window at midnight when I was reading “The Great Gatsby” .

I saw that Meeku was circling outside the window making “MEEKISH” noises and I had my eyes filled..

What did I do to him? nor did I say “I love you” neither threw some biscuits I hated to eat, I just touched him and looked into his eyes and he acted like he knew me from my yester life , that night , that cold cloudy night changed everything I ever knew about Love .

Next day , as soon as I got up I asked my dad whether he fed them(puppies) or I had a chance and he just smiled and gave a pack of biscuits I loved too much.


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