She will be loved(poetry collection) intro

“She Will Be Loved” isn’t just a poetry collection it is a story that runs in four phases that every man will go through in his life. Desires(love), disappointments(heartbreaks), apathy(lack of interest and emotions) and overthrowing your limitations(finding happiness) Following might give you an idea of what “She Will Be Loved” has evolved me into: – How do you deal with love, fragile heart, memories, the world you love,  crazy desires, never moving life of yours? “She Will Be Loved” is how I dealt with all these things. Do you feel you are odd? Doesn’t fit among the rest around you? Do you think you aren’t happy? Do you think you need love, more than you are getting now? Do you think you are unlucky, unfortunate and deserve more? “She Will Be Loved” helped me deal with all this situations I went through. Can you say no to love and still be normal? Do you have love story that you have moved on from? Are you an orphan who’s okay without parental love? Are you in old age home and have stopped expecting things from people you love “She Will Be Loved” helped me making up my mind to stop expecting things from people, and thought life is beautiful cause “I” live there. And I’ll be very happy if this book succeeds in changing at least one of the reader’s state of emotions. Happy reading



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