she flows and flies
she’s rivers and rides
wakes me up when she’s mad
says to keep the keys under the mat
and keeps flowers on my doorsteps
she’s broken she’s fine
she throws pillows at me when she’s mad
she falls, she loves some dolls

she walks with my shirt on
sips hot chocolate
she press her lips against my neck
i count my breath and hers
she plucks roses and tulips
she plays with my hair
she’s breeze she’s storm
she keeps me warm

she tries to be okay
she loves streams and forests
she dunno to swim neither do I
she flows , she flies
she love butterflies
she sleeps before the midnight rise

morning was dim , I reached to hug her
still yawning , half opened eyes
she’s gone she has flown
she’s rivers , I sever
she leaves in the mist
she lives on the crest
she’s young as the rain
i’m old as the ocean
she leaves when she feels
I’m not okay!

who knows when the ocean cries
who cares how saline it gets
she’s hot spring,I’m the ocean
she flies, she sings
she’s red , she’s yellow
young as the rising sun
she push me away, she stabs and get away
she rise , I fall
she’s crazy , I’m worthless
she cuts my heart in a sway.

I cry , she looks in my eyes
she pulls me too close
to push me far away.


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