Seasons die to raise again,
she loves me in Jan,
a little less in feb,
then there’s summer.
too hot to speak she thinks,
then there’s a break ,
I love her the same.

Autumn,spring. . . confused just like I’m everyday
she blinks and winks,
there’s breeze and more love.
she blooms just like lavender
I wish her in April ,
May is silent ,
will skip June ,dunno where she hides
I love her the same.

August’s a new beginning
she’s like rain , serene and soft
casts rainbows with me
we slide on em , all through September
October’s no special
she seems bit dim
clouds may be
I love her the same.

December and winter
snow fall and her favorite sweater
she’s like snow flakes,cold but beautiful.
she hates me now
winter’s not my season for a reason
i still love her the same.

Then there’s Jan again
she wish me in feb.
seasons die to raise again ,
my love’s like a pole star ,
firm and bright .
years die with seasons,
she grows old everyday,
still stays UNPREDICTABLE.
I love her just the same .
I might hate her, if i ever be immortal
damn! I wish I’ll never die!


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