Sairat – A Symphony of fine art!!

66 musicians, 45 string sections, 6 piece woodwinds, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 3 piece horn section, 1 Harp in legendary sony scoring stage and Los Angeles… All these together produce  one song called ‘Yad-Lagla’!!!
If you are still wondering which song is that, it’s high time now, you gotta hear the music album of the film SAIRAT. Yes!! It’s the same Marathi film which is in the buzz for past few months. Thousand people pick thousand different reasons for the success of this film but according to me it’s ‘screenplay’ by the director Nagraj Manjule and ‘music’ by the legendary composers ‘Ajay-Atul’. They are the same composers who made us discover ourselves by giving a song like ‘Abhi mujh mein kahin’, which is also regarded as the finest song of ‘Sonu Nigam’. 

Talking about the music of the film Sairat, it consists of four songs. 

1) Yad-Lagla

2) Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla

3) Sairat ZaalaJi

4) Zingaat

Just login to YouTube and listen to it if you still haven’t heard it. ‘Cause it makes you awestruck. I have created a loop out of these 4 songs and have been hearing them incessantly, even while writing this, albeit, I’m not understanding a single word!! I suck at giving compliments, but this is seriously the best music album of India of this year. It makes you dance, it makes you shake your head, it gets you lost in your own thoughts. It makes you scratch your head thinking how can someone create this kind of music!!

The song Yad-Lagla happens to be the first Indian song to record symphony orchestra at Hollywood, Los Angeles. All those violins don’t even take a second to make their permanent mark in your head. In an interview, Ajay-Atul said that it took them 30 hours to reach Los Angeles but 30 years to create this music. With this, I’m signing off and it’s your turn now to listen to something.

Gud day!


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