A dream…

Yes it was just a dream till I saw it again.

She…she was nothing more than just someone i knew … till i saw her in my dream. Why would she choose a bicycle when everyone’s running out of time ??

No I’m not gonna say “Ah!! Whatever” now , ’cause it really isn’t just “whatever” .May be ’cause it wasn’t just a dream …, I saw it again.

On a bright lit noon of a valentine’s day …

She saw me on her way back home, roads were empty..trees stood still. Some kind of really hot dress she wore … or was my lust far beyond what she wore and her bare skin??

She reached her home as I followed her a decent distance apart , then I sat on the steps of a closed pharmacy , God knows what they sold last Friday this time… well what do I care? I was thinking she would be out of what she wore by now … warm in her room.

Then I saw men , men with banners … shouting and fleeting the empty streets I heard them scream something against Valentine’s day . Culture , religion , tradition they said along I guess , I ain’t sure though ’cause I still thought about her …well obviously not just about ‘HER’.

I saw a banner , “you should be above 23 to love” it said . 23?? What an odd number I wondered.

And then as time passed on a bit there was silence , streets empty again , no men, no patrols . Everything seemed like a process of being subtle , subside and subvert /you still care about those words?

The buildings , the roads , the street lights , the fences everything started to disappear , everything that’s man made /why it isn’t men made?? Your languages , your grammars … they too are man made again/

The sun was half dipped below in horizon , red sky … not a sign of anything that was MADE , just everything that existed from when everything came to existence was all that I could see.

Now I sat on a big rock , large spread- knee deep grass around , staring at the horizon.

I heard dim sounds of clicking chain from a bicycle , I looked around to find her two leaps away to my right hand , she was walking towards me pushing her bike through the grass . she wore a violet floral hippie frock that stopped hiding her skin just above her knees . she parked her bike … walked to me holding two color swirl lollipops , handed one and sat beside me and looked at the setting sun.

Two minutes more for the sun down , I slipped the lollipop i held … she looked at me, casted a sweet giggle and looked away I sat there staring at her face with a broad smile on mine. I no more wondered what she wore! . The sun went down.

I really thought it was a dream till I saw her again on next Valentine’s day.


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