THE PU SCAM : 2016

Try spelling political science correctly on the first attempt and you’ll know what we are talking about. From the past week, we’ve been hearing a lot on Bihar’s topper scam. Of course, people are fed up learning about corruption and scams every day in this country. They will be downright corrupt themselves but they won’t fail to blame it on the incumbent government. It’s not just restricted to Bihar, because the P.U. board of Karnataka is not far behind. If I were a class 12th student of the batch 2015-16 in Karnataka, I’d have been dead more than 10 times by now!! That’s just the worst scenario we are dealing right now.

Here is a list of complications students had to undergo this year:

Let’s go on a handsome journey and look at the damage done!!

  • It all started with the leak of chemistry question paper, not just one time, but two times! Can you believe it, students had to write the chemistry exam 3 times? Three times!!! (You know, 12th chemistry is damn hard to digest in the first place). You can just imagine the mental suffering the students had to go through.


  • After the leak of chemistry paper, a lot of speculations were doing rounds that it was not just chemistry, even physics had a hole. After some time many people reported that they had all 6 subject question papers! All these breaking news popping up in the news channels regularly, drove nuts amongst parents and students.


  • OK now, students somehow managed to finish the exams by God’s grace. Is the problem solved??

Knock! Knock!

No, there comes another with the syllabus given in the question paper. Some claimed the grace marks for the ‘out of syllabus questions’ and some denied it (crazy right?). If only there was a squad for verifying the question papers, why would this problem arise every year? The grace marks will not be in cents, it’ll be in pounds! ‘21 for mathematics’. This can stir up some serious negative impact on students who study hard all night, all day!!


  • And then comes the most clichéd one in the state P.U. board. The evaluation. As far as I remember, there has not been a single year, wherein the evaluators have not denied valuing the answer booklets. And why is that? They are not getting paid enough. And whose mistake is that? Students?? Because they have to go through the psychotic agitation, fearing about the evaluation process. I don’t know, how they even manage to study for the common entrance exam in those terrifying holidays.


  • Now the government tries to solve the problem by hiring the evaluators from private institutions. But that doesn’t solve the problem of the government lecturers. They are protesting for the salary that they deserve and it’s the duty of the government to satisfy them, because they are the ‘generation influencers’.


  • Finally, by hook or by crook the results get declared. All the efforts put in by the students in a year will be measured by a single paper by the board. Obviously, there will be a lot of disagreement with any evaluation and you can totally expect that here with the messed up valuation. So the students apply to see the photocopy of their answer sheets by paying some amount and receive a delayed (as expected) post and when they open it, bang!! It’s the photocopy of some other subject of some other student of some other college from some other district!! It’s already delayed and they deliver an unwanted booklet. Now, the students are supposed to waste their time going in front of the media bursting their emotions.


  • Now the agony doesn’t end there, by the survey, we the people of Karnataka get to know that some students have been awarded the grace marks and some haven’t, which was supposed to be given equally to all! (Now, tell me, when did this change??). What should the students do if they don’t get the grace marks?? You seriously can’t ignore it. Because that one mark can prompt a major change in the CET ranking which plays an important role in their future undergrad education.


  • And the final one, the battle between CET – NEET. The medical aspirants were totally sandwiched between the state and central governments. The honourable Supreme Court ordered that NEET should be the common entrance exam for all the medical aspirants in the nation. But then, there were a lot of speculations which succeeded in bringing a stay to the order. The problem didn’t end here. This issue had its share for more than a month in the media causing a lot of fear in the minds of future doctors.


  • Thankfully there has been no problem recorded in the CET counselling, which had baffled the previous year students and let’s hope that it would be conducted legally, making sure that no student would be deprived of what he or she deserves.



If we analyse all the pandemonium fostered in the minds of parents and students, we all have one person to blame. ‘The P.U. Board’. It has not lived up to the expectations in any of the situations. Although the media has uncovered a lot of corruption issues, the government has opted to stay tight-lipped! All we need is a fair exam and especially the leaking of question paper under any circumstances is not acceptable. Even the dumbest of minds can suspect that the hands ‘in charge of the board’ are the hands ‘in charge of the leak’!!


Let’s hope that the fellow juniors of this batch will not suffer from the same old unsolved mysteries of the board and the most important exam in the lives of the Indian students will take place without any unnecessary distress.


Gud day!


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