The day we met
there was no sign of rain
nor there was for shooting stars
i hid my face behind the sweet chocolate i bought and my eyes searched for her eyes

just the night
random faces,random smiles
carnival of chaos
pretty songs , backdrop
i poked her twice
she was dancing still wise
i hid my face behind the chocolate i bought
my eyes found her eyes

she smiled,i blushed
blush, the scar of love
her friends,my friends
lost in random faces
i stayed, she smiled a bit more
i could never blink
was scared to loose her in the crowd
no had the chocolate to hide
now her fingers wrapped around
the chocolate in sweet bliss

pretty songs continued
still no signs of shooting stars
i wished i wished to freeze the clocks
tried to look in her eyes,failed
never stopped staring,when she looked away
she asked to sing
i uttered somethin out of tune
trembling voices,rising heartbeats
chocolate melted in her warmth

i wouldn’t care more
for pretty random faces
rather than her’s
stupid were my eyes
now was the time to leave
bit wet eyes
told you’, stupid were my eyes

the day i met her
it didn’t rain
nor there were shooting stars
was just me and she
and a song sing


painting credits: our endless abnegation by Agnes cecile


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