The royal wedding

So, you might have seen the exquisite traditional weddings in films or heard about them from various tales in Indian mythology.

It may be twenty one days or eleven days or seven days, but, that doesn’t really matter because,

you know what?!

Indian weddings are the best. As it goes by its name, India is a land of diversity with thousands of people, places and traditions. Each and every state follows its own custom and when a marriage happens between two states, well, there’s really nothing much to say. As you can duly await,

it’s going to be a blast!!

But what if it’s a sacred union  between the Royal city Mysuru and the city of palaces, Jaipur!

Can’t imagine right?!

The Royal City Mysuru experienced one such enchanted wedding.BeFunky Collage.jpg1

The exquisite chandelier, ornate mantaps, the sensuous bride, the sovereign groom, glass paintings, elaborate flower decoration,  elephants, and, jewel tones and what not?!

On Monday, 27thjune, the Wadiyar dynasty hosted a royal wedding as  the titular king of the Wadiyar family Yaduveer wadiyar tied the knot with Rajasthani royalty Trishika Kumari singh in the Ambavilas palace. Over 80 royal families and a thousand dignitaries from India and abroad attended the wedding. As many as 50 rituals were performed. The awesome costumes were designed by Jayanthi Ballal, a native fashion designer.

Yaduveer has a degree from the university of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is the adopted son of late ‘Srikantadatta Wadiyar’. There’s a captivating story behind the Mysuru wadiyars and their adoption.BeFunky Collage.jpg2

The Royal City is full of joy and green. This wedding in the rainy season is a bliss.

In this plastic generation, wherein people don’t really bother about culture, heritage and traditional practices, this royal marriage will definitely have something to say. As a proud Mysurean, it was full of excitement, exuberance, pleasure and honour to experience this magnificent wedding.

Let’s wish them a very happy married life.

Gud day!

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