Mohenjo Daro : trailer review


So, the trailer of the most awaited movie in recent times, ‘MOHENJO DARO’ is out and all set to hit 5M views in youtube within a day. It’s directed by ‘Ashutosh gowarikar’ (maker of Lagan and jodha akbar) casting ‘Hrithik roshan’ and ‘Pooja hegde’ in the lead roles.


Without further ado, let’s get to the business. The trailer looks super stunning with the VFX, Hrithik roshan’s  Agneepath looks, Pooja’s charm and most importantly “MR.AR RAHMAN’S” music. My God the background score overthrows everything, you can hear it all day!!…it’s just as it should be to an Historic movie. yes, it is an historic movie revolving around the period of ‘Indus valley civilization’. Mohenjo daro literally means ‘mound of the dead’. The trailer looks promising until this one point ,where u might get the feel that, ‘is it the same old ‘hero-mother land’ sentiment along with some cheesy moments with heroine and finally a war defending the people from the stupid king’?? I guess it’s not. It’s really unfair that people are already comparing it with ‘Gladiator to Bahubali to Troy to everything’….

9ce552b8-984e-4add-b942-6b0fc404dc96The story might look familiar, but tell me ‘which story doesn’t relate to another one these days’??… You got to appreciate the efforts in making an Historical movie. Hrithik looks decent in his performance . Talking about the VFX, u might feel that they’ve taken it a bit far sometimes, but still the scene in which the ‘Crocodile flies over Hrithik’ is thrilling to watch. These kind of movies would either turn EPIC or hit the  ground.  you never know what’s coming for you.

From Dilwale to FAN,  Shandar to Udta Punjab Bollywood is full of Awesomeness and Awfulness . At times, it has never failed to surprise us!! As i said, ‘you never know what’s coming for u’… sit back and hope for the best!!!

so this was our views on the trailer, Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section…

Gud day!


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