speeding the highway 10 on a tuesday night …
chasing the dawn..
noises from a night club beside..”rest in here,peace… in here”
the broken board read along
“get back here” the guard called
saw a man high with a bleeding eye , running out of the door
i eyed in through windows..red and dark with the weedy fumes
the place was lit so dark.
trippy were so trippy the red skirts , swirled round and round
I walked in with a stranger..hoping for some dance
a little glimpse of the stranger..there was just an eye
one peg of a cheap cocktail..my heart missed the counts
i just held some random hand . . i dragged and the hand came off
or was i just as high???
hallucination …nausea . .
panorama of the westside night club…..broken faces , bleeding noses
the highway 10 just stood in pun
more n more cats more n more yawns i stepped on something hard
grave it was , someone spitting on the headstone
who knew if the dead felt bad??
skirts kept swirling round. . . copying my head
what is this place? a nightclub? or a deathclub?
another glance to the fellow stranger .. ..
a doll in his hand . . may be to his baby back home
i then didn’t wanted peace … not even rest
i dragged the stranger out….out of the half digged earth beneath
and then i heard them scream i heard them mocking at me
the guy was chained and the candles were drained
they tried to stop!!! they tried to kill
those red little short skirts with dark hands
i broke through the door . . i yelled at the stranger
“pal, i swear i’ll get u back i swear i do
i give ur kid , his daddy back i swear,.. i do
you can hug your love , you can kiss your mum
you can be a thug you can live for long
i swear i’ll get you back i swear i do”
one little fading smile the stranger was gone
high way 10 still didnt yell, pleased with the blood
trippy were so trippy the red skirts kept swirling round and round
i stood there with a bleedin eye and torn shoes and a doll
“get back here” the guard called loud


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